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[ Mold News ] What is the knowledge of mold design? (Published:2020-5-13)
1. To fully understand the mold structure, the materials used in the mold, the hardness required by the mold and the accuracy requirements of the mold, etc., in addition to the mold design, it is also necessary to know how much the shrinkage of the forming plastic materials is, and whether the 3D dimension of the product is complete. When designing the mold, the above should be processed and analyzed to achieve accuracy. 2. Simplify the processing method of die. Of course, the more simplified the processing method of the mold, the better the operation. Generally, the mold manufacturers try to simplify the processing method as much as possible, but reliable manufacturers simplify the processing method on the premise of ensuring the function and pattern modeling of the injection mold products, and do not reverse the sequence. In order to save cost and simplify the processing method, some mould manufacturers even change the pattern of the mould regardless of the quality of the products. This method is not advisable. 3. In the process of mold design, we should take into account the influence on the appearance, such as shrinkage cavity, flow mark or draft angle, melting line and crack of the mold, which should be taken into account in the mold design. 4. In the mold design, the parting surface should be properly selected, and the processing of the mold, the forming appearance and the deburring of the forming parts should be carefully selected to achieve perfection as far as possible. 5. The type of gate should be considered in the design of the die, the size of the material channel and the feed gate should be considered, especially the location of the gate and the size of the gate should be appropriate. Too large or too small will affect the quality of the mold. 6. In the mold design, we should also consider the use of the side core pulling hook to see whether the core pulling mechanism is appropriate and whether the action is flexible in the production process. 7. When designing, it is necessary to consider the pushing way to see which way is more suitable. If push rod and discharge plate pushing sleeve are adopted, it is necessary to see whether the position of push rod and discharge plate is suitable. 8. When designing, we should also consider the injection volume of injection molding machine, and whether the injection pressure and clamping force are sufficient. We should make a comprehensive analysis of these aspects. The quality of the mold design directly affects the quality of the product, so we must carry out strict control at the initial stage of the product.
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