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[ Mold News ] Preparation before mould production (Published:120-3-24)
New model meeting:

After communicating with the customers, start drawing design. After mold design, the design review department will review the design. These audits include: mold structure inspection, mold action and guide system inspection, mold injection system inspection, mold cooling system inspection, mold ejection system inspection and vulnerable parts inspection.

All relevant personnel will participate in the new mold design technical meeting. At the meeting, we will put forward all technical points, such as: the use of steel for mold components, the basic structure of the mold, the plastic material and its melt index, the special requirements of customers, the parameters of injection molding machine and the processing steps of parts, etc.

After the mold design is confirmed by the customer, we start to sample and test the steel with high-quality testing instruments to ensure that there is no crack or impurity. And the hardness tester can measure whether the hardness of steel is qualified or consistent.

·Mold processing:

In the mold processing process, we will also carry out basic quality control of steel. The machining is divided into three steps: the first step is rough machining; the second step is semi finishing for some precision molds; the third step is high-speed milling finishing. We always pay attention to the deformation control of steel in the process of processing.
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