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[ Mold News ] Classification of plastic moulds by process (Published:120-3-24)
1. Classification by mold structure: such as single process mold, compound mold, progressive mold, etc.; compression mold and injection mold in plastic molding mold

2. According to the object of mold use: such as electrical mold, automobile mold, television mold, etc.

3. According to mold material classification: such as steel mold, cast iron mold, cemented carbide mold, etc.

4. Classification according to process properties: such as punching die, blanking die, drawing die, bending die, plastic forming die, suction mold, blow mold, etc.

5. Classification according to mold service conditions: such as cold working mold, hot working mold, plastic mold, glass mold, ceramic mold, etc.
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