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[ Mold News ] 30 principles of standardization of mold production (Published:117-1-18)
In order to improve the production efficiency and quality of mould manufacturing, according to the common problems in the mould manufacturing process is summarized in the following 30 sets mould standard production principle.

1 less than 2020 of the base, between a and B board to do pry pit; more than 2020 of all the base template includes a thimble plate between to pry the pit.

2 mold guide pin guide to the processing of exhaust grooves to prevent the guide pin guide strain.

3 die may not have sharp edges, need chamfer. Except where specified

4 in the die and mould parts without the consent of a welding.

5 external mold products must open the vent in place, vent specifications please refer to the mold design manual.

6 as far as possible to avoid the use of grinding machine grinding in the mold, if want to use the grinding machine, must use oilstone province (especially light type plane)

7 in the mold rubber surface treatment must be in accordance with the BOM table, or other formal notice of the implementation of technical requirements. Processing lines on the surface of a non adhesive (wire cutting, milling machines, gongs bed CNC, spark machine) will use oilstone shosuke.

8 of all internal mold materials, according to the requirements of the order base level requirements or design in the process of formal verification technology procurement. Must provide proof materials, if it is to die, heat treatment report. All relevant certificates.

After all 9 die cast, insert, line, slant, straight top (block), shovel chicken on the bottom or side processing need a waist circular pit, carved out of material and hardness.

The 10 line, pushing shovel, chicken, sprue and other important parts must be easy to wear nitride hardening.

11 position must be positioned. A positioning bead, slingshot, HASCO (DME) standard for the specific needs of various clips and so on, in accordance with the requirements of the project. For a need for layering, wear plate. Layering, wear plates must use hard material, need to add oil tank.

12 rows of oblique guide column must be pressed, can not rotate and loose. The tail of the inclined guide pillar must be processed into a hemispherical or conical table, which is favorable for the normal movement of the position. The same line of two or more than two bits on the oblique guide pillar, oblique guide column length, size and inclination must be the same.

13 inclined seat must wear hard material. Inclined top must be processed oil tank, inclined top seat with 2510 or Cr12 hard to hrc40-45, because the top seat is inclined by impact load, so not too hard or it will break, and in all the right angle position chamfer angle of C. Inclined top guide plate (bronze). No welding.

14 the flow path and the glue needed to save light #400-600.

Our 15 thimble tube, shut the lifter and thimble, thimble plate to engrave the corresponding identification code, easy to install. If in the product, the thimble location is not level, need to be made of the thimble seat type "D" or the anti rotation pin positioning.

The 16 thimble using HASCO or DME standard requirements, which depends on the BOM table or other formal notice of the mould technology.

17 processing water ring (O ring groove), need unilateral space reserved for the 0.25mm, the general rubber ring should preloading 0.5-0.8mm. if you do not pay attention to this point, it is easy to be damaged rubber pressure, resulting in Water Leakage.

18 sprue to nitride, need locking pin. Sprue radius must meet the requirements of the drawings. Sprue not go die before nitriding, may have been injured.

19 conventional structure of the mold must be arranged hold head end surface grinding is necessary, small die preloading 0.1mm large preloading 0.1mm-0.15mm.

20 the diameter of the locating ring must be in accordance with the drawing. The joint form and position of the top rod must be in accordance with the drawings.

21 nozzle specifications according to the module BOM table or figure please confirm the tap countersunk hole must be in accordance with the mould drawing processing and installation. Drilling can not drill, angle to chamfer.

22 water must be marked in1, out1, in2, out2......... .

23 all play in the mold on the lettering must be neat, straight, not twisted.

24 mold needs to be installed on the four sides of the lock (straight body lock). If it is not possible to install the side lock, a taper lock or taper lock is required. Taper lock to install sideways.

25 all the screws and mould parts are preferred standard parts, screw head can not be cut off. Screws must be locked in a sufficient length to 1.5 or 2.

26 hot mouth groove must be rounded, so as not to scratch the wire.

27 hot nozzle ID card installed in the side of the mold panel.

28 tooling transfer acceptance: the need to cooperate with the die engineer according to "mold check list" to go through the approval of packaging mould.

29 shift mode is needed before testing the water pressure on the water transport (above 100Pa) acceptance of water transport, with wind blown clean water gun.

30 mold surface during the manufacturing process, the need to pay attention to maintenance, prevent rust, scratches. Go die before packing in the model should be sprayed with white or colorless / anti rust agent, all mold surface must be clean, and then beat the butter.

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