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[ Mold News ] Injection mold how to better select a hot runner system (Published:116-12-27)

Hot runner system as the heart of plastic mold. In the plastic mold with the role can not be ignored. With the development of plastic mould. Hot runner industry has been unprecedented progress. Hot runner company also sprung up like mushrooms. But the lack of technical display uneven. So how to choose the appropriate hot runner system for plastic mold manufacturers is particularly important.

Different plastic products, materials may not be the same, product requirements are not the same, may die structure is also different. For hot runner manufacturers are also facing great challenges. Some hot runner business in order to take orders to maintain the normal operation of the company, often take a single time when the customer agreed to a request, but forgot to ask the customer specific requirements and related parameters of the product. When the mold to install the mold when the problems made them overwhelmed. Standing in the customer's position, it may be normal to think this is hot runner supplier problem. But did not expect the problem arising after the loss is both. Cooperation is the two sides of the. So I suggest that we choose hot runner system must pay attention to details, the product requirements and their own questions and heat exchanger suppliers detailed communication confirmation.

For example: product gate selection is required?

Is there a requirement for the inlet position and quantity?

Hot runner temperature control box voltage whether there are special requirements?

Need to produce the injection molding machine SR radius?

Production selection what kind of injection molding machine on the product molding maximum injection pressure or clamping force whether there are special requirements?

Do you fix the feed position or allow the hot runner supplier to provide the best feed location?

For some materials difficult to do and products, objectively assess whether hot runner suppliers can meet your product requirements (if the production schedule and a single mold problems will delay the die tryout waste or scrap because of the hot runner design, unreasonable mould is not recommended to do sesame lost watermelon things).

Plastic mould is a hardware device for producing products. His good or bad to a certain extent determines the product information. But there are many factors in the injection molding machine, hot runner system, injection molding process and other factors. To ensure a qualified product, these factors need reasonable coordination.

Our company's Arno Masino, hot runner supply more than a system, but a perfect solution.
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