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[ Mold News ] The speed of development Chinese mould (Published:2015-1-16)

Mold industry as the foundation of industrial production, is a high value-added industries, the average profit rate in more than 30%. Automobile, electronics, motor, electrical appliance, instrument, instrument, electrical appliances, communications and military products, 60-80% of the parts have to rely on molding. Compared with the European and American markets, Chinese mold industry in the adjustment stage of development, in the numerical here scenery implies some problems:

1, sales are low listed companies still belong to minority

According to the 06 year statistics, mold production factory, point reached about 3, (this data has not authority to update, also reflects the current mold industry supporting data service is not mature), if 09 years remain unchanged, 09 annual sales of more than 1000 million, average every factory sales of about 3300000, so sales is still relatively low. The listing Corporation, only a few a few. Die integrated circuit packaging mould, chemical materials and plastic anisotropic material extrusion main products of Tongling Sanjia mould, wherein the integrated circuit packaging mould of domestic market share of more than 15%, ranking first in the country, and the plastic anisotropy extrusion die in the domestic market share of more than 30%, ranking first in the country. 08 of total annual income of 210000000 yuan. Guangdong greatoo mold car radial tire mold using a full of EDM process only one domestic manufacturing technology at the same time with the radial tire mold two structures, two kinds of process, two kinds of material pattern ring and the first current, the size of the industry in the domestic first. CAC integration four large domestic automobile cover mold enterprise one of the, first applied in high speed milling of the most advanced technology in automobile mold production, in the mold manufacturing quality has been close to international advanced level. Hongkong, scored the mold parts processing Toshiba OA system 70% billion and holding, 09 year profit of 250000000 yuan. Relatively speaking, sales and mold production value is still a certain gap, to value most into sales of the enterprise, can bring more profit to the enterprise.

2, industry subdivision is not clear enough

Stealth champion enterprise market strategy is to focus on a certain details of the market, constantly to the depth development, eventually occupying most of (more than half of the majority of the market share). However is die such a foundation industry can achieve? Die market space is often decided by the service object, like the automobile industry, electronics industry, shipbuilding industry and the emerging electronic industry, medical industry, involving hundreds of thousands of parts, according to the domestic mold enterprises, it is difficult to have a enterprise which can play the leading role in a certain field. Die domestic factories also belongs to self occupied, type of export is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta to Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises. Most of the enterprises have their manufacturing focus, basically what industry are involved in the processing stage. Enterprise not achievement brand effect, resulting in Huangyan, Shenzhen, Dongguan mold town is very famous, but specific to which the enterprise will not know.

3, long time of development, the accumulation of customers and brand is not enough to affect the market

With reference to Europe many prominent champion stealth, the average annual sales of their already more than 1000000000 euros, and some also have more than 3000000000 euros, the development process of their from beginning to occupy a market dominant position needs about 21.6 years, China's mold enterprises relatively young. However, with the flourishing of the evolution of globalization and China market, the rise of China Die & mold enterprises pace relatively faster or slower? This requires the industry standardization, standardization of the market, the more important is the enterprise itself can go the other way, to find suitable for their own blue ocean.

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