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[ Mold News ] How to repair the mold casting (Published:2014-12-3)

Spark instant high frequency discharge principle using traditional welding EDM machine, after the nickel based welding material or special welding material ion state instant effect on the surface of the workpiece, the welding material and the workpiece to metallurgy and blend. The surface of the workpiece to generate heat in the process of filling minimal in the whole welding. The traditional electro spark overlaying welding repair machine gun using rotary electrode, welding wire diameter ranging from 1.6-3.0mm. Suitable for casting defect repair. And the traditional welding EDM machine in power and discharge frequency settings, can be coated on the surface of reinforcement. Iron and steel, copper, aluminum can be repaired and various metals.

Advantages: traditional welding EDM machine has the advantages of convenient installation, simple operation, the general staff a little training to operate. Welding of high strength, welding parts without annealing, no crack, no deformation, no internal stresses, processing hard point of solder joint does not produce, repair speed relative to the chip mounter relatively quickly, repair of relatively high precision, and can through the X - ray flaw detection, permeability, tensile tester. Many manufacturers have to cast the acceptance and use of. In addition, there are also part of the value in use in the mold repair.

Disadvantages: the traditional welding EDM machine speed slow, 2mm cast iron takes about 3 minutes. The corresponding welding material is little, cast iron can only be used nickel based welding material (about 300 / kg) welding of high cost, and material utilization rate can reach 80%. Color difference is relatively large, combining degree is low, because its principle is the high frequency discharge, namely granular surfacing up, combined with the relative to argon arc welding is relatively low, dense parts of non-ferrous metal iron poor. Bright and clean degree is not high, the casting can not meet the requirements of a high finish. Furthermore, due to the design principle of the traditional cold welder, power in general about 2000W, the internal electronic components are exposed in the environment of workshop, casting, machine often fail, especially the electrode gun (gas separate power, easily damaged), which leads to energy waste and is not suitable for foundry large-scale repair requirements.

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